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Do, 04.01.2018 17:17
I'd also prefer to be able to redirect "restart" to "reload" - but unfortunately the systemd developers didn't lik [...]
Do, 04.01.2018 15:37
Hi, even considered the existence of the "aa-teardown" command I don't think this is a good idea both from a "phy [...]
Do, 09.02.2017 08:43
Thanks for making and maintaining this great piece of software!
Christian Boltz zu PostfixAdmin 3.0
So, 13.11.2016 20:32
The *Handler classes basically map between database and user interface (read and write mode, including error check [...]
Sa, 12.11.2016 10:04
Hi Christian First of all, thanks for postfixadmin. I am just adding some functionality but could need some he [...]
Mo, 12.09.2016 05:50
victorhck zu Jeopardy!
So, 17.07.2016 14:10
yes! send me that, and I'll check it out! ;) Thanks in advance! :)
Christian Boltz zu Jeopardy!
Do, 14.07.2016 00:45
I'm not sure if someone took photos ;-) Yes, you can download it and run it locally (even offline) - but I shou [...]
victorhck zu Jeopardy!
Mi, 13.07.2016 23:27
Hi ! Would be great to see some pics from OSC'16 playin this :) Downloading the package I can run in my PC loc [...]
Mo, 04.07.2016 21:35
Fr, 22.05.2015 21:30
Eine sehr gute Idee, das Ganze von der anderen Seite zu betrachten (von der Seite der schlechten Programmierer :) [...]
Christian Boltz zu Releases!
Mo, 29.08.2011 16:44
Sourceforge hat auf der "Files"-Seite jedes Projekts einen RSS-Feed im Angebot (rechts über der Dateiliste). Fü [...]
prego zu Releases!
Mo, 29.08.2011 10:54
Gibt es fuer postfixadmin eigentlich irgendeine release Mailingliste oder Website die ich per RSS abbonieren kann, [...]
Mo, 01.08.2011 01:57
Nimm die Fußzeile weg, dann stimmt's ^^

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